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How do you book plane tickets online?

αναζητηση αεροπορι

When there are so many websites, airlines and travel agencies to choose from, buying a plane ticket can seem overwhelming.

The cost of the flight also changes frequently, adding to the difficulty of booking.

However, if you do a little market research and are flexible, you can easily buy tickets for your next flight at the lowest price.

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Compare Airline Tickets

Surely you have noticed that when looking for a plane ticket there are different prices depending on the airline, the time of the flight, the day. At Gofast we are here to find the ideal offer for you.

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How can I buy a plane ticket online?

It’s simple to buy a plane ticket online and you can do it easily from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

In the search form that you will find on our page here, you should fill in all the necessary fields.

1. You will first select the city or airport of departure and the corresponding details of the destination.
2. You will choose the departure date and whether you want a return ticket or not.
3. If you want to book a return flight ticket, you must also state the return date.
4. If you need to book air tickets for more people, you must state the number of people and whether they are adults or children.
5. Then just hit the search button.

Select the appropriate flight from the list of results on the website and complete the transaction by paying by debit or credit card.
Make sure to write the personal details of all passengers correctly when purchasing the flight ticket online and make sure you provide the correct e-mail to receive your flight tickets online.
Be sure to get the cheapest airline tickets at the end of this process.

φθηνα αεροπορικα εισιτηρια How do I find the cheapest flights?

Finding an airline ticket often requires some small sacrifices, but it’s worth it because often the difference in price is significant!

For example, you can fly very early in the morning or relatively late at night to get a better price!

Another way to get the cheapest plane ticket is to change the date of departure or return and also to look at flights to and from another airport! Big cities for example like Paris, London, Rome etc. are served by more than one airport

Book flights as early as possible

Timing is very important because flight costs often increase one to two weeks before departure. To avoid paying extra during busy holiday and travel periods, it’s best to book your flight six weeks in advance. It is better to book flights even in advance, up to 6 months, when flying abroad to avoid the disappointment of an expensive airline.

When is the best time to book a plane ticket?

The morning is considered the ideal time to organize your trip. Choose morning departures to travel because airlines tend to offer the best deals at this time of day. One of the cheapest flights is usually the first flight of the day. After lunch is the next cheapest time to fly. Weekend flights tend to be more affordable than other flights if they depart on a Saturday afternoon or evening.
Remember that airlines offer cheaper flights during the off season! Such periods are from the middle of October to the end of November and from the beginning of February to the end of April.

On the contrary, air tickets during the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter) have increased prices, while in the summer season they peak. In order to travel cheaply during the holidays or in the summer, you should book your ticket well in advance.

Be flexible with dates

Planning ahead is the best course of action when traveling. This includes deciding on the ideal location, confirming your departure date and deciding whether to buy individual flights or a package holiday. Although this is the best option, it would be advisable to be flexible if you want to find the cheapest airline tickets because you have a better chance of finding low cost flights. You can cut costs by changing your holiday dates to take advantage of special flight offers.

Airline tickets deals

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Air tickets online

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How does the e-ticket work?

Today, when you book a flight online, you are actually buying an electronic ticket

The purchase process is completed through airline and travel agency websites
and is very simple as described above.

As soon as the payment is completed, the e-ticket will appear on the screen,
which will also be sent to your e-mail.

This electronic ticket contains the name of the traveler, the flight number, the day and time of the flight, the airport of departure and the final destination. There you will also find the QR code that you will have to show at the airport when boarding!

You can always print the electronic ticket and come to the airport with the
printed paper, you can have the pdf file of the ticket saved on your mobile phone, you can even have the e-mail sent to you, or print screen from the email the QR code!

At the special machine at the entry gate, you will have to show the QR Code to
be scanned, which will allow you to board the plane for takeoff.

The process of buying an airline ticket online is really simple, easy, fast and
hassle-free. Don’t hesitate to book your plane tickets online. You will save time and
money and at gofast you will do it quickly and safely.


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Useful information before you get on the plane

What are the allowable limits and dimensions of luggage/hand baggage?

Hand Baggage: Usually, most airlines allow you to carry on one piece of hand baggage with you and the allowable weight of a hand baggage varies from company to company. The European Union has set that the hand luggage dimensions must not exceed: 56cmx45cmCh25cm (including handles, exterior pockets, wheels).

Luggage: The luggage limit is usually 20 kg per passenger. Nevertheless, the passenger should be aware that both luggage/baggage weight limits and dimensions, vary from company to company and are according to the baggage policy of each airline. For this reason, we suggest that the passenger contacts the airline directly, in order to be informed about the exact weight and dimensions that he/she is allowed to carry each time. Also, for any excess baggage, an extra fee is charged, the price of which varies depending on the baggage policy that each airline follows.

What if I want to transport special equipment?

The special equipment is not included in the free kilograms that the passenger can
carry in his baggage and is charged. Usually, the charge depends on the type of
special equipment. If you wish to carry special equipment, it would be a good idea to
contact directly the airline operating the flight you are interested in.

How do I register baggage in a low-cost airline?

For those users who book tickets with low-cost airlines, baggage is not included in the ticket, besides the hand luggage, which usually is 5-6 kilos. If you wish to register your baggage, you should visit the airline’s website and register on-line, or you can contact them via e-mail or telephone.

Which are the ticket class definitions ?

Generally, the tickets class definitions depend on the type of the aircraft as well as the airline company.

Economy class

Economy class seating is in the main cabin area. These seats are usually the least expensive. These seats are usually the cheapest in an aircraft.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy class seating is found mostly on international flights. Compared to standard Economy , the passengers of the Premium Economy Class enjoy more benefits during their flight (for example five to seven inches of extra legroom , additional amenities, wider seats, more seat recline, personal TV screens )

Business class

Business class seating tends to have roomier seats that recline farther, more leg room, and upgraded meal service. Tickets in Business Class are more expensive than Economy but cheaper than First Class. Low cost airline companies do not offer business class seats.

First class

First class seating is located in the front of the aircraft. It has more comfortable seats and offers deluxe meals as well as more benefits during their flight (autonomous seats with remote controls etc ). First Class passengers enjoy priority during check in at the airport . First Class fares are the most expensive, and are not available on all aircraft.

What documents should I have with me when traveling by plane?

Within the Schengen zone

For flights within the Schengen zone it is necessary to carry your ID, which must not
be of an old type and must show your name and surname in Latin characters. If your
ID is an old one, you must bring your passport, which is valid and has not expired.
Greece is a member of the Schengen Agreement as are the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Iceland, Spain,
Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland,
Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland

Outside the Schengen area

For flights outside the Schengen zone, you should have your passport with you,
which should be endorsed (visa), where this is deemed necessary and depending on
your country of destination. For more information about the visa, it would be a good
idea to inquire directly from the embassy or consulate of the country you are
traveling to..

Do children need travel documents?

Like adults, children in order to travel need their own travel documents, passports and
visas depending on the trip they are making. For unaccompanied children (2 to 11
years old), please contact the airline's customer service department. Children
traveling within Greece who do not have a passport or identity card must have a birth
certificate with them.

What products I am not allowed to have in my possession while traveling?

According to the new regulations regarding flights’ safety, set by the European Union, passengers should not carry in their baggage the following items:

Compressed gases: deep freezing, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous.
Corrosive like acids, alkaline material, mercury and lead-acid batteries.
Explosives: ammunition, fireworks, flares, pistols, Blasting Caps and all types of firearms.
Flammable liquids and solids: such as lighter’s fluid, matches, paints, paint thinners and common lighters.
Radioactive materials.
Handbags and briefcases with embodied alarm devices.
Oxidizing materials.
Poisonous and infectious substances.
Other hazardous materials such as magnetic materials that cause discomfort or irritation. Fluids inside handbags beyond the airport checkpoints and inside the plane. This does not refer to luggage delivered to checkpoints and fluids within a container with a capacity of maximum 100ml. The containers must be placed in transparent plastic, re-sealable bags with a maximum capacity of 1 liter per passenger. Fluids are defined as follows: water, drinks, soups, syrups, ointments, lotions, oils, perfume sprays, gels of any category, fluids under pressure such as shaving cream, deodorants, creams including toothpaste, liquid – solid mixtures and any other items of similar consistency.
As an exception can be carried within handbags: Medicines, dietary food and baby food deemed necessary during the flight but the passenger may be asked to prove their necessity.
Liquids such as drinks and perfumes that the passengers have bought inside the plane or in stores within the airport , located beyond the checkpoints, where the regulation specifies the security rules that prevent human interference in the content of those sealed liquid items. These products are sold in special sealed plastic bags which passengers should not open before they pass from all the airport checkpoints during their travel. Also, please note that under U.S. laws, the possession or transfer of all types of lighters in luggage and hand baggage during flights to U.S. is prohibited. We note that the above list is indicative and the passenger should contact either the airport or the airline company of his flight in order to be informed about any new developments on this issue.

Can I take my Computer on the airplane?

Passengers are allowed to take their computer with them on board. However, laptops are removed from hand baggage in order to be checked separately during the security inspection at the airport.

Can I have large electrical and electronic equipment on board with me?

The passenger can have such devices on board (e.g. small TVs , radios, etc.) but has to give them separately in the security inspection security inspection in order to complete the procedure faster.

Are pets allowed on the plane?

Regulations and procedures for transporting pets as a cargo or inside the passengers cabin, or in the plane luggage storage area, vary depending on the airline company and destination. We recommend you to contact us by using the contact us category with the cage’s weight and dimensions, and pet’s weight , or you can contact the airline company directly.

What is the frequent flyer program (FFP)?

The Frequent Flyers Program is a service offered by airlines to their frequent flyers in
order to provide them with better services and benefits when traveling with that

How do I join a frequent flyer program (FFP)?

You are usually required to register for this program according to the conditions set
by each airline. For the company's frequent flyer program, as well as for all the
information surrounding the frequent flyer program you want, it would be best to
contact the airline itself directly.

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